Nominees for 2012 Seoul Drama Awards - OST Awards

I've been too pre-occupied with the upcoming dramas, that I forgot to post the 26 nominees for 2012 Seoul Drama Awards - OST Awards

If you have Daum account, you can cast your vote (once per day) here

The voting opens from July 10 - August 6, 2012 and all the nominees are the drama OSTs for dramas aired between January 2011 - May 2012. 

2012 Seoul Drama Awards - OST Awards Nominees:


* Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, JOO: Dream High  (Dream High)
* Kim Soo Hyun: Dreaming (Dream High)
* Baek Ji Young: I'm Loving You Today (The Princess' Man)
* Park Wan Kyu: One Day of Love (The Princess' Man)
* Sweet Sorrow: You Are Heaven (My Husband Got a Family)
* Yoo Jun Sang: Ce Song ( My Husband Got a Family)
* Hyorin: Because It's You (Glory Jane)
* Bobby Kim: Heartburn (Glory Jane)


* BEAST: Because of You (My Princess)
* Yang Yoseob: Cherish That Person (My Princess)
* Huh Gak: Don't Forget Me (Best Love)
* Baek Ji Young: I Can't Drink (Best Love)
* Lyn: Back in Time (The Moon that Embraces the Sun)
* Kim Soo Hyun: The One and Only You (The Moon that Embraces the Sun)
* Taeyeon: Missing You Like Crazy (The King 2Hearts)
* K Will: Love is Crying (The King 2Hearts)


* Yim Jae Bum: Viper (Sign)
* Kim Jin Pyo & Suk Hee: A Good Man (Sign)
* Yim Jae Bum: Love (City Hunter)
* Kim Bo Kyung: Suddenly (City Hunter)
* JK Kim Dong Wook: Bucket List (Scent of a Woman)
* Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah: Us Again (Scent of a Woman) 
--> Note: I think there's an error in the voting box, as they wrote "Lee So Ra" instead of "Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah" as singer name for this OST. Lee So Ra did sing this song, but as far I'm aware, she didn't sing this OST for Scent of a Woman
* Yangpa: I will Remember (Tree with Deep Roots)
* Kim Bum Soo: Don't Say (Tree with Deep Roots)
* Baek Ji Young: After a Long Time (Rooftop Prince)
* Ali: Hurt (Rooftop Prince)

To make it easier, I translated the songs' name & singers' name below:

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