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Title: Golden Time (골든타임)
Genre: Historical, Medical
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: July 9, 2012 - TBA
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 KST
Director: Kwon Seok Jang (My Princess, Pasta)
Writer: Choi Hee Ra (Obgyn)
Official Website: MBC Golden Time

Brief Synopsis

The golden time or golden hour is the time period after an injury where doctors have the highest possibility of preventing a patient’s death. Golden time is about a drama about doctors in an emergency room at Haeundae Sejong Hospital

source: Soompi


Correlation Chart

Haeundae Sejong Hospital

Emergency Room
Trauma Department
Lee Min Woo (Lee Sun Gyun) > fond of/like > Kang Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum)
Choi In Hyuk (Lee Sung Min) > fold of/like > Shin Eun Ah (Song Sun Mi)
Jang Hyuk Chan (Kim Shi Gwon) - new intern, Min Woo & Jae In's classmate

Emergency Department
Na Byung Guk (Jung Gyoo Soo) - department head
Kim Do Hyung (Kim Ki Bang) - third year resident

Ji Han Gu (Jung Suk Yong) - staff

Characters with Relation to Jae In
Park Geum Nyeo (Sunwoo Young Nyeo) - Jae In's grandmother (arrow pointing to Jae In says granddaughter)
Kang Dae Je (Jang Yong) - chairman of the board (of directors) of the hospital and Jae In's grandfather
Bang Sun Woo (Song Yoo Ha) - Jae In's boyfriend

119 Emergency Service (Paramedics)
Jang Young Woo (Park Jung Min) - paramedic

Hwang Se Heon (Lee Gi Young) - head
Park Sung Jin (Jo Sang Gi) - fellow
Go Jae Won (Heo Tae Hee) - 2nd year resident
Yoo Kang Jin (Ji Il Joo) - intern

Hospital Director
Oh Gwang Chul (Park Young Ji)

Kim Ho Young (Kim Hyung Il) - department head / 
Jo Dong Mi (Shin Dong Mi) - 2nd year resident

General Surgery
Kim Min Joon (Uhm Hyo Sub) - department head
Song Gyung Hwa (Hong Ji Min) - fellow

Plastic Surgery
Park Geun Soo (Chun Jae Ho) - 3rd year resident


Lee Sun Gyun as Lee Min Woo

Top-notch surgeon with a cold demeanor who is very outspoken

Hwang Jung Eum as Kang Jae In

Her family owns the hospital but she decides to become a med student inter.

Lee Sung Min as Choi In Hyuk

Song Sun Mi as Shin Eun Ha

A veteran nurse as part of an external injury team in the emergency room

cr: soompi

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