Answer Me 1997 Quotes & Narrations

Quotes & Narrations from one of best drama of 2012: Reply 1997. 

Episode 1

An age where you feel like you could love anyone, where you put everything on the line for the smallest of things. Eighteen. Adults say that it’s an age where we laugh if a leaf tumbles by. But back then, we were more serious than any adult, more intense, and had our strength tested. 1997. That was how our eighteen was beginning. -Shi Won-

"Usia di mana kita merasa kita bisa mencintai siapapun, masa di mana kita meletakkan segalanya, termasuk hal2 yang terkecil sekalipun di garis. Delapan belas tahun. Orang dewasa berkata bahwa ini adalah usia diamana kita tertawa meskipun ada daun tumbang. Tetapi di masa itu, kita lebih serius daripada orang dewasa, lebih kuat dan kekuatan kita telah diuji. Tahun 1997. Di tahun inilah umur 18 tahun kita dimulai." - Shi Won-

Episode 2

Go Stop, a game where you have to match the same shapes to get points. There was a time when we struggled to be the same. But in one moment, we began to be different. That we were becoming different types of people—why was that so hard to acknowledge back then? People are all different; that’s the law of the universe, the law of human growth. Eighteen. We were maturing into different people, and having to accept those differences meant we were faced with yet another consequence of growing up. -Yoon Jae-

"Go Stop, sebuah permainan di mana kita harus mencocokkan bentuk yang sama untuk mendapatkan poin. Ada waktu dikala kita berjuang untuk menjadi sama. Tapi ada juga satu saat di mana kita mencoba untuk berbeda. Bahwa kita menjadi tipe orang yang berbeda - mengapa dulu sangatlah sulit untuk mengakui perbedaan ini? Semua orang berbeda, ini adalah hukum alam semesta, hukum pertumbuhan manusia. Delapan belas tahun. Kita bertumbuh dewasa menjadi orang-orang yang berbeda, dan ketika kita menerima perbedaan ini berarti kita dihadapkan dengan konsekuensi lain dari pertumbuhan kedewasaan kita. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 3

Anyone’s secret tells a truth that I could not have known. And then when what I knew is no longer real… secrets have more power. How much of what I know is actually true?” -Shi Won-

A person’s heart has countless levels. Its depth cannot be known. Its limit can’t be known. You could fight to the death, and then exchange affection as if nothing ever happened. A red-blooded male could turn into an imbecile in front of the opposite sex. Yes, the truth is uncomfortable. But if we don’t embrace that discomfort, then we must live the rest of our lives believing what’s fake to be real. Even uncomfortable truths must be embraced. What you see is not everything. -Shi Won-

Episode 4

I knew in that moment, that when you like someone, you have eyes for her in the sides and the back of your head. And that if you don’t knock, there will be no answer. Standing in place will not get you what you want. There’s no such thing as fair play anymore. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 5

Bumping into someone on the street, reaching for the same book at the library, or running under someone’s umbrella… I thought that falling in love would be special. I couldn’t imagine… that I’d fall because of something like this. Spring of 1996. My first love began that suddenly. -Yoon Jae-

Life always comes when you least expect it to hit you on the back of the head. It can be a cruel sadness. It can be a cruel fear. At times like this the only thing we can do… -Yoon Jae-

 This life that might leap anywhere—there’s no use avoiding or ignoring it. There’s just facing it and getting beaten to a bloody pulp. But at times life can surprise us with gifts that make our hearts flutter. And if we endure sadness, we are rewarded with happiness. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 6

The easiest thing we can do for the person we love is to throw ourselves away. The strength to do things that aren’t in our nature—that’s love. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 7

“That’s why a person has to be content with a close dream. If you chase after a dream that’s far away, your heart will hurt and your insides will burn. A futile passion only leaves heartache. That’s why they say life’s stupidest thing is a one-sided love.” -Tae Woong-

 You have to be content with a dream that’s close. If you chase after one that’s far away, your heart will hurt and your insides will burn. A futile passion only leaves heartache. That’s why life’s stupidest thing is a one-sided love. But the reason that stupid one-sided love is worth trying is… that passion can sometimes make miracles happen… sometimes go the long way around to help you fulfill a dream… and even if it doesn’t allow you to realize that dream, it allows you to linger near it and find happiness. -Tae Woong-

More important than what you CAN do is what you WANT to do. So let’s start with that. You only live once! -Tae Woong-

Episode 8

 You have to know where your enemy is, understand their situation, and be able to read their hearts. Even if you’re sure you’ve prepared perfectly, you can’t lose your chance, your timing. Because D-Day only gives two results: win or lose. My life’s first D-Day. November 18, 1998. I prepared meticulously… but lost the first post. The cause of defeat: reconnaissance failure. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 9

They say that people are born with a red string that they can’t see, tied to their pinky fingers, and the end is tied to the one you’re fated to be with. But the thread is twisted this way and that, making it hard to find the other end. -Yoon Jae-

People’s countless threads, all tangled together. But when I start to unravel it, I end up face to face with my fate, without even knowing it. If the red thread of fate really exists, then who is the one tied to my red thread? -Yoon Jae-

Episode 10

The reason I like you? Because you’re that person. Because you’re you. Is there another reason besides that one? I’d rather know the reason if there was one. Then I could find a way to not like you. If I can’t avoid it, then there’s only one thing I want: to remain by your side, unchanged, for long time. Here’s to our love, that chills our hearts. -Joon Hee-

Episode 11

Since the day of that accident, I lived having completely forgotten the fact that I was someone’s son. A relationship determined before I was born, a relationship that ends against my will – that’s family. And now I only have one family relationship left. -Tae Woong-

There are relationships of differing levels of difficulty. To me, Yoon-jae was the easiest of them, to explain or to maintain: that of childhood playmates. But on this day, contrary to everything I knew, I discovered… that there might be the possibility that we’d be the most difficult kind of relationship in the world. The relationship with the highest level of difficulty: that of a man and a woman. -Shi Won-

Each expecting different things, each looking at different places, each dreaming different dreams… everything that happens between one man and one woman, is just continuous love and war. You sulk, you pacify, you fight, you make up, you hurt, you embrace. A relationship like a manic-depressive patient who can’t make up his mind. But the hardest thing about the relationship between a man and a woman is the timing—if the love doesn’t begin at the same time, it’s unlikely to ever begin at all. -Yoon Jae-

The one relationship you can’t ever shake, no matter how sick and tired you get, that leads to a lifetime of tears: Family. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 12

Hyung always said that earning someone’s hand means you get to have their heart -Yoon Jae-

 The reason my teen years are like a rushing wind is because I don’t yet know the answers: what it is I really want, who really loves me, who is it that I love. The time of life when I tumble here and there, searching for the answers. And then in the end, the moment when I figure out the answers to everything like a miracle… we had already become adults, and been doing big and small things. And like that, that winter was full of goodbyes. -Shi Won-

Episode 13

 And how can you just end it all in one blow? Sung Shi-won, you awful girl. To ’96 and the first day of high school… To ’97 and the fountain where we had our first kiss… To ’98 when I cried and screamed like a crazy person… I returned to that winter. I have been reset to ’90s Yoon Yoon-jae. -Yoon Jae-

I had forgotten. That if she liked something right now, she expressed the fire of that moment directly, and without hesitation. I could’ve just said: I like you. Be mine. I could say it like that right now. Back then, and even in this moment… I was just hesitating. -Yoon Jae-

There is nothing more urgent than now. Because later might never come. Life isn’t long enough to speak of the next opportunity, rather than the now that’s before our eyes. -Yoon Jae-

If you give up on now because of laziness or a lack of courage, there is no hope of another opportunity. If you love now, the best timing is now. You have to go before it’s too late, and you have to confess now. Because you never know what’ll happen later. The next opportunity might never come. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 15

A person’s heart can’t be turned on and off like a switch. Once it’s turned on… it won’t turn off. I like Shi-won. I sincerely want to marry her. -Yoon Jae-

Episode 16

Locking a wild lion up in a zoo doesn’t mean that overnight it’ll give up raw chicken for carrots. No matter how much an environment changes, a lion is a lion, and a rabbit, a rabbit. Sung Shi-won is Sung Shi-won, and Yoon Yoon-jae is Yoon Yoon-jae. We met, and dated, and loved, in our own way. -Yoon Jae-

First love. The reason everyone’s first love is beautiful is not only because the love was pretty. At the time of first love, there was a youthfulness that didn’t know how to be wise, a me who was pure to the point of cruelty, and a you whose fire I couldn’t handle. It’s because I already know that I can never go back to that youthful, innocent, passionate time. -Yoon Jae-

First love is reckless. Without calculating, it throws everything in with pure passion, and inevitably fails. But that’s why it’s dramatic—the reckless tales wrapped up in experiences or feelings that you can never have again. -Yoon Jae-

 First love is a time. Once it passes, it’s gone. Now you have to give a new love and a new time a chance. It might not be the experience or the purity of first love, but out of that scar is a love that grows and becomes a little more mature—you have to wait for an adult love. Only those who wait can dream of love. -Yoon Jae-

When romance passes, life comes. Purity gets dirtied, passion freezes over, and youth turns to shrewdness as you age. That innocent era’s first love becomes fatigued and exhausted daily routine… and is why first love appears to be something that can’t be realized. Because those who succeed at realizing their first love… don’t tell you. -Yoon Jae-

Succeeding at first love is nice too. There’s comfort that’s even better than your favorite sweater, but also an excitement that you can find when you’re tired of that comfort. As childhood playmates, as first loves, as lovers, and as husband and wife, we live through the same times, share the same memories, and grow old together. A familiar excitement. It’s nice. -Yoon Jae-

Sweet Quotes

Episode 6

“You know I can’t sleep unless you’re using my arm as a pillow.” -dad- 

Episode 13

"I’m not expecting anything right now. I’ll wait. Until you like me a lot… I’ll be your daddy long legs. Like now, always… next to you" -Tae Woong-

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