Reply 1994 (Answer Me 1994) Quotes and Narration

Compilation of Quotes and Narration from tvN drama Reply 1994 (Answer Me 1994)

Episode 1

"People learn to adjust as they live their life." -Sung Dong Il-

"Age twenty in Seoul, when everything—city and people—was frightening. On that unfamiliar land, the place where we wouldn't be outsiders was... The only place that made us feel safe was this place, my home." -Na Jung-

Episode 2

“When a familiar habit, familiar daily life, or familiar person becomes unfamiliar all of a sudden, it doesn't have to be a chaotic event. It could merely be a secret signal that a new life or a new relationship is beginning.” - Na Jung -

Episode 3

"We are the "X" generation. Although now we are surrounded by a population connected to smartphones and the internet, leaving us extinct, we who were in our twenties, were in the history of the race, a state-of-the-art species. Finding love through the PC, I think I love you a lot. Sending our hearts through the pager, and hearing break up notices via voice messages, we were the youngest race in history.
But whether it's then or now, the reason this new species' heart races, is not because of a pager, smartphone, or any other kind of trend.

Youth should be awkward and simple, and love should be untainted and tacky." -Na Jung-

Episode 4

"There are things that are right, and some that are wrong. Anyway, not everything is 'right'" -Chilbongi-

" Sometimes reality is crueler than lies" -Na Jung-

Episode 5

"In this world, there are words too difficult to say. There are words that you can’t bear to say to the ones you love. When you have to explain the pain you’ve caused another… and when you have to convey the truth to those who aren’t yet prepared for it."-Trash Oppa-

"When you have to convey the truth to a loved one who will have a hard time accepting it, when you have to deliver words you’d rather die than say, you just have to think of one thing… More than any long speech, more than eloquent words, it’s the look in your eye that says that you love them—that one thing is plenty." -Trash Oppa-

Episode 6

"Every morning when I open my eyes, I’m amazed. You and I, we have lasted till now, living under one roof, lying under one blanket, living like this." -Sung Dong Il-

"All relationships grow more familiar and eventually get taken for granted. The strongest power of a gift is its ability to take that familiar and expected relationship and infuse it with excitement and gratitude once again. Through picking out a gift and writing the card card and considering that person, that person becomes new again. And those feelings are certain to be conveyed." -Na Jung-

"But if that familiar and expected relationship breaks down, now gifts or belated efforts become meaningless. Like a neglected orchid left to wither in the corner of a balcony, to whom belated water or care is pointless. The gift must be given and feelings conveyed before you wither, before you grow indifferent to one another." -Na Jung-

"There’s no fun in receiving a gift that you know about beforehand. The surprise is the lifeblood of giving gifts. The gift that flies in with uncanny timing is therefore even more moving. Even without a sender’s name or address, we knew who sent that gift." -Na Jung-

“Present. In English, it has two meanings: a gift, and also the current moment. It may be that the most precious gift to us is the present, the time in front of us now. True, we may always be bickering with each other, but we leaned on each other and were happy together. 1994 was like a gift to us. And exactly eight years later, an unbelievable gift came to Korea—of all days, on that day." -Na Jung-

Episode 7

"At a time in my life when I had nothing left if you took baseball away from me, I found a person who made me more excited, more fired up than baseball. The hottest summer in history was beginning, and my age twenty was following suit just like the season. It was the summer of 1994." -Chilbongie-

"Someone once sang that summer is the season of youth, and the season of love. In the summer of 1994, the season was passing, but my—and our—summer was just beginning." -Chilbongie-

Episode 8

“Sometimes I imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t answered the phone that day, and what would have happened with us if I hadn’t gone to the terminal. Living is all about the choices you make moment by moment. Even if it’s just a log bridge, you must make a choice: Do you go forward? Do you turn around, or do you stop? Where I am now is the result of countless choices made in the past. That day I answered the phone and went to the terminal, and those small choices gathered to make up the present day.” -Samchunpo-

“Whichever path you choose, there are always lingering thoughts of the road not taken. That’s why there are no choices without regrets, and no one right answer to life. All you can do is believe that the road you have chosen is the right answer, and turn it into the right answer. The right answer to life is to believe that you don’t regret your past choices and live on.” -Samchunpo-

“Believing in my past choices without regret and loving them—that is the right answer, and that’s how to grow old with style.” -Samchunpo-

Episode 9

"Sincerity can so often be hidden away. It’s so shy and delicate that the closer you draw near, the more you bully it, it hides deeper down. There’s just one way: make eye contact and open your ears until sincerity raises its own head. If you hold your words and thoughts and wait, sincerity will suddenly pop up and show itself. No advice or well-intentioned warning can serve as real comfort. True comfort is just the moment when sincerity is shared." -Binggeure-

"Thankfully I have someone in my life who could read my sincerity when I didn’t even know it. A hyung who comforts me just by existing.” -Binggeure-

"When I get ready to really say it, my head fills with tens of thousands of thoughts, and my mouth shuts closed. When that happens, I just need to take a deep breath and catch those floating thoughts one by one. In doing that, I discovered that what I really want to say boils down to just two or three simple words." -Chilbongie-

Episode 10

“The last time always happens without the realization that it’s the last time. Perhaps the reason that last times always hurt our hearts is out of sadness for not realizing the moment as it passes by. In the fall of 1994, Dad’s Seoul Twins brought in their last win. And the age of twenty, which we’d felt would last forever, was approaching its last season without us realizing it.

Our hearts were racing with new challenges, our hearts were blazing, and we had no fear. That thrill, fire, and fearlessness that only being twenty can bring—without realizing how precious they are, we lived the last season of being twenty.” -Na Jung-

"Saying goodbye is sad and strange. Parting ways is never something you get used to. And if it’s a goodbye that you don’t know will be the last, even if it’s just one day’s connection, it’s still bound to leave you reeling. In 1994, on the last day before saying goodbye to being twenty, we said a goodbye that might become the last. And we spent a fateful night that might become the last.”" -Na Jung-

“First love, and age twenty. Could there be anything as delicate and heart-thumping as those things? On December 31, 1994, our twentieth year came to an end, and our first loves awaited a new start.” -Na Jung-

“Like our first kisses that we could not have foreseen, that’s how our loves that could not be predicted, our twenty-first year, and 1995 began.” -Na Jung-

Episode 11

“But then I see her having a hard time on her own… If what hurts Na Jung’s heart hurts mine…then that means I like her, right?” -Trash Oppa-

"Love and life are a lot like baseball. No matter what dangerous situation lies ahead, no matter how you try to avoid it, you have to win against someone else in the end to have victory. One-sided love hurts the heart, but you do it alone so there’s no other way—whether you win love or get rejected indifferently, the only way to end a one-sided love is to confess it. Only when you choose a frontal attack will you know the outcome. Maybe love is a lot like baseball." -Trash Oppa-

“And the world is wide and the rivals are many. Maybe love is a lot like baseball.” -Trash Oppa-

“If it were me, I would have dated you. Long ago. If only you and I had not become such good friends… I would have.” -Haitai-

"But of course there are many more one-sided loves in the world that never get confessed at all. The idiots who know how to get out of one but can’t do it. That’s why one-sided loves pain the heart." -Haitai-

Episode 12

"Some people say there are miracles, and some people say there’s no such thing. But in moments of urgency, people inevitably pray and wait for a miracle. Thus, miracles need to exist—so that in all times of urgency there is some glimmer of hope for people to dwell on. Miracles need to exist." -Na Jung-

"But miracles are miracles because they aren’t common. There are far more misfortunes we don’t think of than miracles we don’t expect. That is the world. Life is too cold and harsh to live believing only in miracles." -Na Jung-

"In the end, miracles are a matter of probability. Miracles only exist to one person, and to the 9,999 others, are simply empty talk of that thing they call miracles. Life is cruel with its absolute and overwhelming probability. But still, miracles are needed. Rather than the despair of a zero probability that will never come to pass, a ten-million-to-one chance is better. That is how hope exists." -Na Jung-

"What is the probability that out of seven billion people on the planet, the person I like would like me back? Right now a miracle might happen to me." -Na Jung-

Episode 13

"Effort is not seen—what people see is only the result. That’s why other people’s success might get called genius or luck." -Chilbongie-

"It is said that in order to achieve success in one field, ten thousand hours are required. The ten-thousand-hour rule. For Mozart and the Beatles and Steve Jobs and Kim Yuna, it was not an innate genius or good luck that created their success, but the effort and pain of more than ten thousand hours of work. It could be that work, relationships, and love are like that. In order to achieve that accomplishment, you can’t wait for an innate something to show up or a stroke of luck—you have to work hard and try and suffer till the very end. It ain’t over ’til it’s over." -Chilbongie-

Episode 14

"Na Jung, if someday… I don’t know when… years later, if we meet again… and if then, you don’t have anyone by your side… date me then." -Chilbongie-

"There are things you can never know until you try them. That there are sights you can not see until you go places." -Haitai-

"Impressive dreams are those that defy family and rise above one’s situation. But most of us can’t bear to step on the ones we love, and in the bitter end we take it upon ourselves to lay down our own dreams. But it’s okay. There’s no need to be discouraged by the dramatic sweat of success or swayed by a setback or the feeling that you lost. To us, people were simply just as important as dreams. The decision to change myself for the people I love—is a pretty impressive thing." -Na Jung-

Episode 15

"Dreams always drive me and cause me to change. But what drives and changes me even more than that is the rival I meet at the corner on my way to those dreams." -Chilbongie-

"We did things that we never would have thought to do if not for love. What changes the world is love." -Na Jung-

Episode 16

"It is possible that I just needed comfort. Twenty years old in Seoul. Twenty was the age of adulthood, and Seoul was a strange city. At an age no longer innocent and a city uninviting, it was frightening. With the common thread of fear, the war began. And on that unfamiliar battleground, I stood alone." -Binggeure-

"The reason why youth is exciting is because there are countless things we do not know. The empty spaces that I don’t know what to fill with overflow like a test before me. When I look back, there are no answers for those empty spaces. But the horror that someone will run in holding the answer sheet and grade me, the fear that I will have answered differently from everyone else - they made my age twenty a constant breathless hour of test-taking." -Binggeure-

Episode 17

"1997, age 23. I wanted to confirm whether this heart-pounding feeling, or this person who kept weighing on my mind, was out of simple curiosity for the first person to approach me from the opposite sex. Or whether it was that thing called love that other people keep talking about." -Binggeure-

"If you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to fear. The deeper love grows, and the more you don’t want to lose it, the more your fear grows. Love feeds on fear." -Binggeure-

"What overcomes that love-fueled fear is love itself." -Binggeure-

Episode 18

"We are a special couple. We spent twenty years as brother and sister. We had the sincerity to endure a one-sided love that challenged our strength. And we had the dependability to push a wedding that was a month away to begin a long-distance relationship. We were a very special couple." -Na Jung-

"Being out of sight puts someone out of your heart—I just thought they were words to describe regular couples, while we were a very special couple." -Na Jung-

"We were a very special couple. But in front of time, in front of life, that specialness was becoming very average. Like anyone, we were becoming negligent and like everyone, we became buried. Eventually we became accustomed to that negligence. Like that, we became a very un-special couple. And like that, without breaking up, we had broken up." -Na Jung-

Episode 19

"I don’t know what you thought about it, but you’re a son to me." -Dad-

"Sometimes there are moments when I really feel like there is a God. Even if there is not, there are times I feel like there has to at least be a something like fate to explain certain situations. This exquisite coincidence, this unbelievable timing, this ingenious reversal—it’s possible that my fate is playing a game with me." -Na Jung-

"Fate is damned. Fate is cruel. And Fate… is strong. Fate throws us into dilemmas, traps us in corners where we can’t do a thing, and in the bitter end, even ignores our sincere prayers. That’s how Fate is damned. That’s how Fate is cruel and strong." -Trash Oppa-

"Another reason why Fate is cruel and strong: timing you can’t predict. This is how Fate is cruel." -Chilbongie-

"Fate pushes me to the edge of a cliff, makes it so that I can’t budge, and in the end passes me the ball. In the end Fate is choosing. Now I just have to make a choice." -Na Jung-

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