Queen of Office Quotes and Narration

Compilation of quotes and narrations from drama The Queen of Office, Korean drama adapted from Japanese Drama The Pride of the Temp (Haken no Hinkaku)

"We all think we're special like a Christmas tree.  But then we come to realize we're only one of the many bulbs lighting the tree. And then we're hit with an even harsher fact of life. Even the many lowly bulbs come in different grades." -Jung Ju Ri-

Episode 1

"Shouldn't a salesman be able to sell air conditioners in Alaska, or go to a Swiss cheese village and sell this fast fermented bean paste?"

"I'm just an ugly lump of fermented soybeans that's neither salty nor spicy. But I believe at Y. Jang, even a lump of fermented soybeans can be made into excellent soybean paste" -Jung Ju Ri-

"The only way to find out is to give it a taste" -Jung Ju Ri-

"A piece of trash is a piece of trash to be burned." -Ms Kim-

"A penny saved is a penny earned." -Jang Gyujik-

"Don't drag outside trash into the workplace. The trash you make outside should be dealt with outside" -Ms Kim-

"Ms Kim may be has a very tenderhearted & a warm soul" -Jung Ju Ri-

Episode 2

"I don't think family is limited to people with blood ties. Whether you're a contract worker or not, I think people who work with you for the same dreams are family" -Mu Jeonghan-

Episode 3

''See you tomorrow', are my favorite words. When people say 'see you tomorrow' at the end of the work day, it's so reassuring. I think to myself, I'll get to see them tomorrow. It's a reminder that I'll be able to work and eat and spend time with my colleagues the next day. I want to work with people who I know I'll see the next day, the day after that and even 10 years from now." -Jang Gyujik-

"An office is not where you make friends, it's where you compete to survive." -Ms Kim-

"To shellfish divers, who must risk their lives every minute, friendship is a mere luxury. But they don't take all the abalone they see. They don't want the next diver to go home empty handed. That's the only way we show loyalty to one another" -Ms Kim-

Episode 4

"A workplace is for work, not relaxation" -Ms Kim-
"An incompetent contract worker always at risk of getting the axe. The body is the only asset for contract workers like us who don't have colleagues, affiliations or connections. If you have your body and professional & technical licenses, you will always be able to find work." -Ms Kim-
"There's one thing I know, in TV Dramas, it's the nice guy who's always just a second too late" -Jung Ju Ri-

Episode 5

"Everyone gets hurt on the battlefield. To some, the scar may be a love that gives them hope for the next day. To some, it may be a happy reminder that they've survived yet another day. And to others, it may become the hope of never being fooled again. Whatever the scar is, however deep or however serious, we all show up again for another day's work." -Jung Ju Ri-

"There's no need to get upset, angry or happy about a little fly that happens to land on my lips for a split second" -Ms Kim-

Episode 6

"If you have something to say, please use your lips, not your eyes" -Ms Kim-

"Maybe my bank balance will stay the same next month, but I endure another day with a hope of another payday next month" -Jung Ju Ri-

Episode 7

"She made me realize that maybe I don't have to live like everyone else. If I'm competent enough, I can pick and choose where I want to work and enjoy my freedom." -Jung Ju Ri-

"Do you have any idea how many people out there are hanging on for dear life to become corporate slaves?" -Jung Ju Ri-

"As insignificant as we may be, since we're together, today is worth living" -Jung Ju Ri-

Episode 8

"The lump of fermented soybeans I saw before me looked beautiful. Fermented soybeans are much prettier than diamonds" -Mu Jeonghan to Jung Ju Ri-

"A woman is done for if she finds the wrong spouse" -Jang Gyujik-

"I just don't get why anyone would play to lose" -Ms Kim-

"You're not trying to act cool or act like the bad guy" -Ms Kim-

"You're not the only one who has job duties & responsibilities.  I have to do my job, too.  And my job is to protect the company's interests. That may seem stupid to you, but that's what I have to do as a corporate lap dog" -Jang Gyujik-

"We keep trudging along in our respective places" -Jung Ju Ri-

Episode 10

"A permanent position shouldn't be a guarantee of lifetime employment. And no worker should be paid if he doesn't do anything" -Ms Kim-

"How can another human being be a burden? He may not be the quickest, and he may be a bit rusty, but he's not an object or burden. He's a human being" -Mu Jeonghan-

"A company is a place to work together before it's a profit making venture. And when people work together, we can help each other to ensure that no one falls behind" -Mu Jeonghan-

"The reality is that a broken watch is thrown out" -Ms Kim-

"Thank you for keeping a broke watch ticking this long" -Ko Jeongdo-

"You can't go at it all alone. A watch isn't made of a single part. You need the hour hand, the minute hand, and many cogs and wheels that all work together. When we all work together, even an antique watch like me can keep ticking" -Ko Jeongdo-

"When you try to do the work of the hour hand, the minute hand, and everything else. That must be so lonely for you" -Ko Jeongdo-

Episode 11

"You need to move on if you're going to live tomorrow" -Ms Kim's best friend-

"Lying is not part of my job duties or responsibilities" -Ms Kim-

"People say arguing can bring people closer" -Geum Bitna-

"If the bad guys were bad and the good guys were good; if it was clear who hurt you and whom you could hate, it would make things easier. But life isn't a TV drama. We're all hurting without knowing who inflicted the pain" -Jung Ju Ri-

Episode 12

"People can categorize one another in so many ways, but to me, they're all ike my own sons and daughters. Family isn't just about blood ties. If you share meals every day, you become family." -Juri's Mom-

Episode 13

"You can't protect someone just being nice. Unless you're willing to put yourself on the line, you shouldn't say you can protect someone" -Ms Kim-

Episode 14

"If one smiles in front of everyone whenever and wherever like you, that person will be taken for a pushover and get his proposal stolen" -Ms Kim-

"It's not pity, it's because I like you" -Mu Jeonghan-

"Whenever I see you, you look so lonely and that makes my heart ache & I feel so helpless. I want to reach out and shelter you. I want to hold your hand." -Mu Jeonghan-

"What's scarier than losing your own desk? Losing your own colleague" -Ms Kim-

"Please accept my offer for a permanent position. Take a permanent position in my life, Ms Kim Jeomsun. I actually... I like you" -Jang Gyujik-

Episode 15

"Can you give up everything you have, for me? Your company, society, all people around you; can you turn your back on them?" -Ms Kim-

"Clinging and not giving up may be one way to love, but perhaps letting go is another way to love." -Mu Jeonghan-

"Human heart is not a switch. You can't just turn it on and off at will." -Geum Bitna-

"The company, or rather, belonging somewhere is as important as my life" -Jang Gyujik-

"One thing I know, I want to be with you" -Jang Gyujik-

Episode 16

"Nothing good comes of prolonged goodbyes" -Ms Kim-

"I'll grow anxious about eventually being let go. But there will come a time when I'll have to be cowardly" -Ms Kim-

"It doesn't matter if you're a contract worker or have a permanent position. What's most important is for you to just do your thing. If the past three months have given you the strength to do that, that's all you need" -Ms Kim-

"You don't know how scary it is to live without a sense of belonging" Jang Gyujik-

"We're all just light bulbs, and all we do is light ourselves up, so why do we only end up hurting one another? But what's important is that, a Christmas tree cannot be lit up without light bulbs. We're all shining light bulbs." -Jung Ju Ri-

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