Suspicious Housekeeper Quotes and Narration

Quotes and Narration from SBS Drama "Suspicious Housekeeper" / "Strange Housekeeper" [수상한 가정부] staring Choi Ji Woo (Park Bok Nyeo), Lee Sung Jae (Eun Sang Chul), Kim Soo Hyun (Han Gyul), Chae Sang Woo (Doo Gyul), Nam Da Reum (Se Gyul), Kang Ji Woo (Hye Gyul), Wang Ji Hye (Yoon Song Hwa), Shim Yi Young (Woo Na Young), Park Geun Hyung.

Park Bok Nyeo's favorite and most famous quote: "Is that an order?"

Park Bok Nyeo is a mysterious housekeeper who doesn't smile and only does things  as ordered. She never calculates things nor think things rationally, she just follows orders.

Episode 1

"For 49 days before a dead person travels to their after-life, their family members must cherish the memory of the deceased person - long enough to forget them. That way, the people who are left behind will fell less sorry" - Park Bok Nyeo-

"Aunt is either your mother's elder or younger sister. I'm not your mother's sister, therefore you cannot call me Aunt." - Park Bok Nyeo-

"I only follow orders" - Park Bok Nyeo-

"Aunt means another mother. It's called Aunt because it's a second mother" -Woo Na Young-

"Even if you cry, mom is not coming back. Do you think I don't miss mom? I'm trying to be a good eldest daughter for my family., but it just doesn't work. How can I while taking care the household catch up to other students who have tutors and get support from their mothers? -Han Gyul-

"I knew it was all my fault, and I did appreciate her. I wanted to tell mom that I loved her." -Doo Gyul-

"I want to cry too. If crying can bring her back, I would cry. What's the point of studying so hard? Mom is no longer here to compliment me on doing well on my exams." -Se Gyul-

"Mother passed away because of me. Because I told her to disappear. She got so upset when I didn't eat cherry tomatoes, so I said 'I wish you were gone'. Then she disappeared." -Hye Gyul-

Episode 2

"It's more important to make the finish look beautiful rather than the start" -Yoon Song Hwa-

Episode 3

"That woman (Park Bok Nyeo) does everything she's asked to do. She's not normal." -Eun Sang Chul-

"I can't help you... Because I'm not your family" -Park Bok Nyeo-

"We need to distinguish emotions from reality" -Eun Se Gyul-

"If you do it with all your heart and soul, nothing is impossible. Approach your children with your heart." -Woo Na Young-

"A small problem now can become something more serious later on." -Na Young's father & the kids' grandfather-

"In order to get your scattered family together, there's a simple way. Someone in the family should get into an accident or become seriously ill. People get worried and come together when those things happen. But fake illnesses will get easily caught and if you get into a real accident, you will be in a lot of pain." -Park Bok Nyeo-

Episode 4

"Being honest is not a crime, it's better than pretending to love us" -Han Gyul-

"Only if you're a father, It's natural to scold a child if she does something she shouldn't do" -Park Bok Nyeo-

"If people see others that are weaker or more unique, they don't admit that they are different from the others but they think the others are wrong so they bully them. On the other hand, if they see others who are stronger than them, even if the others are wrong, they will just clap for what they do. This is a cowardly and spiritless human nature" -Park Bok Nyeo-

Episode 5

"If you order me to smile, I will quit. That's the only thing I cannot do" -Park Bok Nyeo-

Episode 6

"A mother's love is instinctual but a father's love is learned" -Eun Sang Chul-

"There is no person who is good at everything, that's why there's also nobody who can't do anything. There is probably something that you are good at." -Park Bok Nyeo-

"There is a way to drive a nail into a parent's hearts. But if you're not careful, you may just break your own finger." -Park Bok Nyeo-

"A thing that parents are most afraid is for you (their children) to be ruined" -Park Bok Nyeo-

Episode 7

"You must surely have a reason to live." -Park Bok Nyeo (President Hong)

"There is no reason for you to live, if you don't have any family who loves you. If there is no one who would feel sad if you died. Think carefully, how painful it would be for those who you leave behind if you were to die." -Park Bok Nyeo-

"You still have a reason to live because you have a loving family" -Park Bok Nyeo-

"A person's feeling, is something that the person concerned doesn't even know for sure" -Park Bok Nyeo-

"Breaking up a family is the same thing as murder" -Na Young's Father-

Episode 8

"Don't run away like this, Dad, it's cowardly" -Han Gyul-

"It doesn't matter if the dad-stone disappears, if we have our real dad with us, it's enough" -Han Gyul-

"For a father to learn how to love his children, he needs to stay by them." -Park Bok Nyeo-

Episode 9

"I want to start over as the children's father, again." -Eun Sang Chul-

"Be it the housekeeper or a child you raised, when they eat together, they are family." -Woo Ji-

Episode 10

"Can my family be the reason for you to live?" -Eun Sang Chul-

Episode 11

"High risk, high return. The more risky a high yielding investment is, the more thrilling the game is" -CEO Jang-

Episode 13

"We want to protect you, so please be our mom." -Han Gyul-

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