IU & Jo Jung Suk's Duet - You're the Best Lee Soon Shin

The song that YTBLSS' fans have been waiting for - IU & Jo Jung Suk's duet! YTBLSS went astray long time ago, but the cute chemistry between IU & Jo Jung Suk made the viewers kept watching & following this drama.

IU posted a message on YTBLSS Gallery that this duet song is a gift from her & Jo Jung Suk; IU composed this song and Jo Jung Suk gladly recorded this song with her. Tooo cute & sweet.

IU & Jo Jung Suk sound really great together, their voices match well, making the duet so soothing, sweet & beautiful to listen to.

I hope they will release the MV for this (so far untitled) OST. And longer version please. It's going to be a waste of their talents if they only release this short version of this song.

cr: instiz & soompi