One Warm Word (Kind Words) Quotes and Narration

Compilation of Quotes and Narration from SBS drama One Warm Word (Kind Words). One Warm Word starring Kim Ji Soo, Ji Jin Hee, Han Hye Jin, Lee Sang Woo, Lee Chae Mi, Park Seo Joon, Han Groo. It airs every Mondays & Tuesdays 22.00PM KST.

Episode 1

"A relationship without a future is not fun in the present as well" -Na Eun Jin-

"How can I like or hate him? He is my dad." -Kim Yoon Jung- 

"Why would a couple be close even when they don't talk for a hundred years?" -Kim Yoon Jung-

"I think life is filled with things to learn until we die" -Song Mi Kyung-

"A problem gets bigger and bigger when you hide it" -Kim Yoon Jung-

"However angry you are, there are things to say and not say." -Kim Na Ra- (Eun Jin's mom)

"An affair is something that kills your partner's soul!" -Kim Na Ra-

"It is better to be lonely alone than to be lonely living together" -Na Eun Young-

"If you don't see each other and call each other, you become strangers." -Kim Na Ra-

"When one's home is happy, all goes well. The end life of a man depends on the woman" -Madam Choo (Jae Hak's mother)

"Words come from your heart and actions come from your words" -Song Mi Kyung-

"If you have the will, you can do it." (You can if you will) -Song Mi Kyung-

"Marriage is based on sacrifice on both men and women." -Kim Sung Soo-

Episode 2

"There was a time when I believed it is a fate to love only one man in my lifetime. As I live, I learned a fate is a fantasy people made. Ultimately, choices decide one's life. I've already pressed the reset button of my life. But even if I press the reset button for my life, the reset function didn't work. I didn't know that by then." -Na Eun Jin-

"Do you know how dangerous it is to keep your feelings locked inside? You don't know when you might blow if you keep living as a timing bomb" -Kim Na Ra-

"If you put out your thoughts into words then you should also put your responsibility out as well." -Song Min Soo-

"There's no secret in this world, what goes around comes around" -Song Mi Kyung-

"The lesson you learnt from your own experience should only be applied to yourself" -Song Mi Kyung-

"Although my grandma told me not to follow a suspicious person, I'm not following but you're following me instead, so it is okay" -Kim Yoon Jung-

"Affair is not cold, it is a cancer. You can also die." -Song Mi Kyung-

"If you don't pay for your faults, your child will" -Song Mi Kyung-

"Hatred and love are like two sides of the same coin." -Song Min Soo-

"The things that happen within that boundary is only known to those in that boundary. You could have hid your secrets to the world." -Song Min Soo-

"The pain in our youth could hurt the life we have now" -Song Min Soo-

"Thank you for hitting me. You really love me, I wanted to make sure of that" -Kim Yoon Jung-

"You have chosen the weak one from your perspective. I like your warm heart" -Na Eun Jin-

"A spouse is not just a normal man and woman, he's your family" -Yoo Jae Hak-

Episode 3

"In life you can also learn when things go wrong" -Na Eun Jin-

"There is nothing in this world that does not have a reason" -Kim Yoon Jung-

"People are expert when it comes to others and amateur with their own lives." -Song Mi Kyung-

"To pretend yield to the reality at the front but to act strong behind the back is hypocrisy"  -Song Min Soo-

Episode 4

"Life is like a movie, nothing will go bad if you listen to your parents." -Na Dae Ho-

"Another word for a crisis is ... a chance" -Sun Ah-

"We all work to eat and live. There is not anything so important that you have to skip meals" -Jae Hak's mom-

"Accept things that you can't understand without trying to understand them" -Eun Jin-

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