[Korean Drama] Miss Korea Quotes & Narration

Quotes and Narration from rom-com MBC Drama Miss Korea 미스코리아
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Episode 3

"If you don't fall, you'll learn a bit. But if you do fall, you'll learn everything. If you become successful, you'll know a little bit. But if you fail, you'll get to know everything." -Ma Ae Ri-

Episode 5

"Her coming back to me will also be her true feelings. I'm going to make it that way" -Kim Hyung Jun-

"Without suffering, there's nothing you can gain" -Ma Ae Ri-

Episode 6

"I'm more scared of being unemployed, not being able to do anything. I want to work. I'm scared of not doing anything. I want to make money on my own, I want to make my family happy with my own strength." -Oh Ji Young-

"Do you think anything truly free in this world really exists?" -Kim Hyung Joon-

Episode 7

"The weak ones get eaten. Only the strong ones survive" -Ma Ae Ri-

"That woman whom I love. I will definitely make it so that everyone in the world will love her as well" -Kim Hyung Joon-

Episode 8

"Do your best so you don't have any regret" -Ma Ae Ri-

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