My Lovely Girl OST Part 3 - Promise by Kim Bo Kyung (김보경)

Please don't walk away, I just can't live another day.
Looking back again I realize how fool I've been.
Deep inside my heart my memories are still with you.
Oh, so please don't smile at me like it's the end.

Love is the reason why
I cry a thousand tears away
Love is only reason why
I can't hide from the pains in me.
You know I just can't live without your love.
Lead me back again to the way we're before.

You gave hopes to me. You showed me how to love someone.
Days were full of dreams, and nights were times the dreams appear.
One thing (I) never learned, I don't know how to stand alone.
Oh, so please come back to me and hold my hands.

You are the reason
I live and pray for night and day
You are only reason why
I would never hide from the pains.
You know I just can't live without your love.
Take me back again to the way of our love.

gaji marayo. dan harudo gyeondil su eobseoyo.
dorabomyeon naega eolmana eoriseogeonneunji ijeya kkaedarayo.
nae maeum sok gipi chueokdeuri ajik geudaewa hamkke inneunde.
machi majimagin deutan miso jitji marayo.

**sarangeun naega bamsae ulmyeo jisaege mandeu