[Upcoming Drama 2012] Haeundae Lovers 해운대 연인들- INFO

Title: Haeundae Lovers 해운대 연인들
Romanization: Haeundae Yeonindeur
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: August 6, 2012 - TBA
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 KST
Director: Song Hyeon-wook
Writer: Hwang Eun-Kyung
Official Website: KBSHaeundae


 Kim Kang-woo’s hotshot prosecutor chases a lead on a case all the way down to Busan, where he goes undercover as a mobster to infiltrate the crime organization in Haeundae. But while undercover, he gets into an accident that causes amnesia… which means the identity he recovers is the fake one. Jo Yeo-jung plays Go Sora, a mobster’s daughter, but hers is a decidedly different kind of mob family.

Dad was certainly the big boss once upon a time, but lost the big hotel in a battle with the villain, and suffers a brain injury of his own. He’s now a burden on his family, but he’s also Sora’s reason for living. He still has a few loyal men–Sora’s three uncles who have remained beside her father despite his losing everything. I have a feeling this uncle-and-dad foursome is going to be the best thing about this drama.

Sora is a plucky, no-nonsense heroine who makes her own way in the world, running her own fishing boat and slicing the heads off of fish with frightening precision. She’s a penny-pincher and a diehard baseball fan (a commonality among most Busan inhabitants). She only shuts down shop on game days, takes care of Dad on her own, and swears that she will never EVER EVER marry a mob man. Ever.

Enter Kim Kang-woo. Woot!

source: dramabeans



Kim Kang-woo as Lee Tae-sung

Jo Yeo-jung as Go So-ra

Jung Seok-won as Choi Joon-hyuk

Nam Gyu-ri as Yoon Se-ra

Kang Min-kyung (Davichi) as Hwang Joo-hee

Soyeon (T-ara) as Lee Gwan-soon

Park Geon-il (Supernova) as Lee Dong-baek

Kim Hye-eun as TBA

Im Ha-ryung as TBA

Park Sang-myun as TBA

Lee Jae-yong as TBA

Picture credit: KBS