Korean Drama for the 1st Quarter 2013 - My Review

Been a while since I lasted posted here, honestly, except TWTWB, all other aired / currently airing Korean Drama has grabbed my heart.

The only 1st Quarter 2013 K-Drama which were / are currently airing that I watch is IRIS 2, That Winter the Wind Blows, Queen of Ambition and Childless Comfort. I tried FBND, but found that there's something missing and lacking; so I decided to drop it after episode 2. 7LCS was quite fun in the beginning, but with the repetitive and recycled plot, I dropped it on episode 8.

I've been eagerly anticipating IRIS2 since last August so my expectation meter is up on the sky. And I'm still watching it because of Jang Hyuk (I blame it on the scriptwriter who turned one of my favorite K-Actor into Zombie Ken that I don't even know his character's name except Zombie Ken) & Lee Bum Soo. But this drama bores me to death that I fall asleep everytime the sappy melodrama scenes starts. The excessive PPLs don't help either.

That Winter the Wind Blows is visually gorgeous, and the acting is solid. I love the OSTs and the BGMs which always played at the right time. Writing-wise, I'm a bit confused with Secretary Wang's motive, but I salute the writer who writes a strong heroine, not a weepy weak heroine like most other Korean Drama. Oh Soo's pretending to be Youngie's long-lost brother for the sake of $7.5mil is totally unacceptable in my dictionary, but the fact that his presence brings peace, joy and reason to live for Youngie makes my heart ache for both Oh Soo & Oh Young. Now that Youngie's trust has been betrayed by Oh Soo and everyone around her, and she shut herself up again; I dread to see what will happen in O2 couple's lives. I am still positively believe for a happy ending, but it seems like my hope will be dashed as the finale creeps in.

I entered Queen of Ambition / Yawang journey with Ha Ryu / Jae Woong, Da Hae, Do Hoon and Do Kyung with no expectation. Not a big fan of any actors, but I enjoyed Soo Ae's performance in Thousand Days Promise. She has such an angelic face; but can pull out any characters with ease. And she has excelled performing one of the worst villain in Korean Drama history. I want to rip her apart after everything she's done to her husband, daughter, 2nd husband, 2nd husband's family. There are too many plot holes in Yawang, and I can't believe that Joo Da Hae as slick as eel that she can makes up any alibi and the polices / detectives believed in her. Ha Ryu is possibly one of the weakest male character ever and I'm frustrated with him. I can't wait to see what'll happen with Da Hae & Ha Ryu's confrontation (as shown in the first 10 minutes of episode 1).

Initially curious and wanted to know why Childless Comfort received massive love from Korean viewers (it's the highest rating cable drama, its last episode recorded 10.052% viewership rating); I decided to watch episode 1. And I loved it! Thankfully, mvibo has English Sub of CC (as of today, up to episode 11); but because I couldn't wait for the sub, I watched the rest of the episodes raw. My Korean is very limited, but I enjoyed the interaction amongst Ahn families, and the love stories of the 3rd generation, especially Ahn Sung Gi (Ha Suk Jin) & Lee Young Hyun (Oh Yoon Ah).

To sum it up, it's been a lackluster 1st quarter of the year; but the spring Kdrama lineup is looking really good, so I hope the 2nd quarter of this year can revive my love for Korean Drama.

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