Wednesday & Thursday Korean Drama Line-Up - Spring 2013

KBS2 - Mandate of Heaven (24 Episodes) 

Mandate of Heaven is a sageuk thriller drama about a royal physician & a doting father Choi Won (Lee Dong Wook). Unfortunately, he's trapped in King's assassination plot and becomes fugitive with his ailing daughter. As he's racing against the clock to find the cure for his daughter, he's also running against people who're trying to capture him. Hong Da In (Song Ji Hyo) is a nurse and his loyal assistant who ends up falling in love with him. While he's on the run, a bandit's daughter So Baek (Yoon Jin Yi) helps him and entangles in love triangle with Choi Won. 

Crown Prince Lee Ho (Im Seulong) who has a very tough & tense life in the palace, trusts Choi Won. So can we expect bromance between Choi Won & CP Lee Ho? I hope so! And I hope CP will do his very best to free Choi Won from all these conspiracies. 

Mandate of Heaven premieres on April 24, it follows IRIS2.  

MBC - When a Man Loves (20 Episodes)

I don't really follow When a Man Loves as from the stills look like this drama will be a sappy depressing melodrama. Honestly, I love the scripwriter's previous works (most recently, The Equator Man), but somehow the official poster reminds me of TEM and I'm not quite ready to watch another similar revenge drama. 

Apologize that I don't have any idea about this drama's plot, hence, the lack of info here. ^^ 

When a Man Loves will follow 7th Level Civil Servant and will premiere next Wednesday, 3 April 2013. They had their press conference yesterday. 

SBS - All about My Romance (16 Episodes)

If done right, All about My Romance can become one of my favorite Spring K-drama. Political rom-com is my forte and my expectation is high since I love PD & Scriptwriter's previous work, Protect the Boss

To put it simply, this drama is about two people who have opposite political view; and clash with each other. Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun), a conservative, a former judge, a kendo expert. He enters politic because he doesn't want to receive any pressure from anyone, especially from his superiors. But somehow he always finds himself arguing and clashing with No Min Young (Lee Min Jung). They fall in love with each other but have to hide their love relationship, because they come from the opposite party.

Joon Ha (Park Hee Soon), a prosecutor who will become Min Young's daddy-long-legs as he'll be her most trusted man as she enters politic. And I'm not surprised that he's in love with her too. 

Ahn Hee Sun (Han Chae Ah) is a reporter. There's always be a reporter in political rom-com, isn't it? She's Soo Young and Joon Ha's junior classmate. 

All about My Romance will begin on April 4, 2013 (Thursday).