[Drama 2013] Mandate of Heaven / Fugitive of Joseon 천명 (Updated with Casts' Description)

Title: Mandate of Heaven 천명
Also Known As: The Heaven's Order
Genre: Medical, Period, Thriller
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: April 24, 2013 - July 11, 2013
Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 KST
Director: Lee Jin Suh (Birth of the Rich)
Writer: Choi Min Ki (Birth of the Rich)
Official Website: fugitive


The Joseon version of  The Chaser about a medical practitioner who struggles to save his daughter from a terminal illness while being caught up in a plot to poison the human race

Oriental doctor Choi Won (Lee Dong-Wook), who works for the royal family, becomes involved with the plot to poision King Injong and is now a fugitive. He tries to save his daughter who has an incurable disease. Choi Won has raised his daughter alone since his wife passed away.



Lee Dong Wook as Choi Won

Cares about nothing but his daughter.
A doctor who is on the run after being framed for murder
" I'll give my life to save you! If I can't save you I don't deserve to be a father or a doctor."
His motto in life is to play it safe and make it through another day.
He has what it takes to be much more successful in life, but he hides his true talent.
He cares not for fame or fortune.
All that matters to him is getting off work on the dot so he can spend time with his sick daughter.
He cares little for what goes on at work.
He is focused only on finding the cure for his daughter's condition.
Naturally, no one at work looks up to him.
But there's more to him than meets the eye.
He simply wants to stay under the radar so that he can have more time to do what he must.
Unfortunately someone won't let him be.

Song Ji Hyo as Hong Da In

" I won't let false accusations take your life. I will save you this time."
Her fair complexion and clear eyes makes her stand out anywhere.
She loathes lies and deceptions.
Which is why she hates Choi Won.

How dare he poses as a doctor!
She finds his attitude at work unacceptable!
She looks up to that one great doctor that saved her life.
Her father was framed and dishonorably demoted.
When everything in her life was torn apart and she nearly died, a great doctor saved her.
He inspired her to become a doctor.
She is devoted to her craft and will not tolerate those unfit for the job.

Kim Yu Bin as Choi Rang

"If I don't let you go, will that cost you your life?
 Choi's wife gave her life to give birth to Rang.
She grows up to resemble her mother more and more.
Unfortunately she also suffers from a condition similar to her mom's.
Later it turns out she is suffering from leukemia.
Still she stays as bright and cheerful as ever.

She is smart enough to make use of her very giving father.
Knowing her sickness makes her father sad and worried, she tries hard to appear happy and healthy in front of him.
 One day, something happens while she brings her father's clothes to his workplace.

Im Seul Ong as Crown Prince Lee Ho

The prince and the future Rival of the Queen in Politics
"You want my life, but you can't have it. I must live and become a great king!"

The prince has two faces.
A brilliant strategist who survives many wars.
His wisdom and skills are outmatched only by his admirable character as a caring leader.
Many believe he will make a great king some day.

Unfortunately he has a dark side.
Although he seems to possess no flaws, there lies madness within.
Even as a child, many were after his life.
And those who loved him dearly died.
He hates himself for failing to protect them, and suspects everyone of being a potential foe.

It was the only way he could stay alive to this day.
But there is one person he trusts with his life.
The grand son of Choi Jang-son named Won who is his best friend that helped him get where he is today.

Park Ji Young as Queen Moon Jeong

Driven by great ambition, to be the true ruler of Joseon
"I did not give birth to you, but you are my son.
But because you are not my own flesh and blood, I have little choice but to be this way.
Please understand why I must be this way.
I do love you though."

The queen that longs to be a king.
She will get rid of Lee Ho to ensure her candidate of choice becomes king.

A master of manipulation and mind games who rose to power at age 16.
While many hoped she would be the mother the prince never had, her ambition prohibits her from doing so.

Only the strong survives!
To rise to absolute power, she will do everything she can.

To get rid of the only thing that stands in her way, she secretly rounds up a group of powerful and faithful followers to help her achieve her ambitious goals.
She waits for the right time to deliver the ultimate blow.

Song Jong Ho as Lee Jeong Hwan

The tracker who never fails
"No one is above the law. When you are on the run I will catch you.
And you are no exception Choi Won."

He may be a government official but he is a warrior at heart.
He may seem interested only in girls and drinking but he is a talented official and a fierce martial artist.
He always gets his man.
 If he is on your trail there is no escape.
And his current assignment is bringing the murderous Choi Won.

Yoon Jin Yi as So Baek

Geo-chil's tomboy daughter 
" I didn't want to be born a girl.
But now I want to be a woman more than anything. Talk about timing!"
The daughter of a bandit leader who Won runs into.

She is energetic, outgoing and loud!
Her mother passes away when she was little.
That is why she has double the love for her father.

But as she matures he seem more distant.
Naturally she consistently complain about being born a girl, thinking her father would pay more attention to her if she was a boy.

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