Beyond the Clouds (태양은 가득히) Quotes & Narration

Quotes and Narration from KBS2 Drama Beyond the Clouds (태양은 가득히) / The Full Sun

Episode 1

"The darkest cloud always shines because of the sun" -Gong Woo Jin-

"Even though it's hard now, but the sun will shine brightly if we pass through the cloud " -Gong Woo Jin-

"Woo Jin is a person who shines even though he's in the mud" -Han Young Won-

"If I can go back to that time, I wonder if I could have lived as Jung Se Ro" -Jung Se Ro-

Episode 2

"People don't trip on a big mountain, they trip on small rocks" -Han Tae Oh-

"If you try and live your life for fun, it will end up being boring." -Jung Do Joon-