Sung Si Kyung will lend his voice for SBS Drama "You Who Came from the Star" OST

You Who Came From the Star episode 15 aired last night, gave the viewers unexpected surprises. A romantic surprise kiss in Petite France and a brand new OST playing in the background.

Sung Si Kyung, one of my favorite ballad singer sang the newest OST "Every Moment of You" (너의 모든 순간), he sang it beautifully that I wished they would release this OST today. Unfortunately we will have to wait another 6 days to hear the full song, it will be released on 12 February 2014.

Snippet of this OST:

니가 숨 쉬면 따스한 바람이 불어와
니가 웃으면 눈부신 햇살이 비춰
거기 있어줘서 그게 너라서
가끔 내 어깨에 가만히 기대주어서
나는 있잖아…

Romanization (by beatuscorner via thelapan)

naneun itjanha… niga sum swimyeon ttaseuhan barami bureowa
niga useumyeon nunbusin haessari bichwo
geogi isseojwoseo geuge neoraseo
gakkeum nae eokkaee gamanhi gidaejueoseo
naneun itjanha…

English Translation Lyric (by Viki): 

"If you breathe, a warm wind blows
If you laugh, it shines in my eyes.
Please stay there.
Because it is you.
Occasionally, give me hope from my shoulder.
I am here..."

credit: wowtv