[Korean Drama] God's Gift - 14 Days Quotes & Narration

Quotes and Narration from fantasy, mystery SBS Drama God's Gift - 14 Days 신의 선물-14일

Episode 1

"While the Mother was sleeping, the Grim Reaper took her child away.
While the Mother looked for her child in the dark, the Goddess of the Night asked her: 'Do you want to find your child? Give me your beautiful hair, then I'll tell you where Death went.'
Now a thorn bush prevented the Mother's path.
'Do you want to find your child? Embrace me tightly with your warm body, then I'll tell you where Death went'
Finally, she saw Death with her child walking away. However, a lake prevented her from reaching them.
'Do you want to find your child? Give me your pure and deep eyes. Then I'll let you cross this lake.'
The Mother without any hesitation, pulled out her two eyes and threw them in the lake."
- The Story of a Mother -

"Soon, you will lose something special in the world. No matter how much you run away and step on it, destiny will follow you no matter what. There's no point in running away. One of the two must disappear for this to end. So instead of escaping from it, fight it." -Clairvoyant (Destiny Cafe's Owner)- 

"Sin and the sinner both deserve punishment" -Kim Soo Hyun-

Episode 2

"Please let go your anger and please send my Saet Byul back. She is my everything" -Kim Soo Hyun-

"My child has done nothing wrong apart from being born to a mother like me" -Kim Soo Hyun-

"I want to become a mom like my mom" -Han Saet Byul-

Episode 3

"Today is an important day that will make your meet a person who will change your destiny" -Dong Chan's daily horoscope-

"Let's face it, there's  no point in running away. I will find that person myself and I will change Saet Byul's fate" -Kim Soo Hyun-

"When you see someone tries to take Saet Byul away, you have to run and stop him" -Kim Soo Hyun-

Episode 4

"Something changed because of us. So let's think positively" -Ki Dong Chan-

"The most pitiful person is a person who has anger, resentment, and has a lot of hurt in his heart." -Grandpa Choo Byung Woo-

"I don't want to go through that pain again, not even in my dreams" -Kim Soo Hyun-

"You are a very precious person that can't be found anywhere. So everyone likes you, don't forget that" -Cha Bong Sup-

Episode 5

"You have to die, so my daughter can live" -Kim Soo Hyun-

"I couldn't make you become a murderer" -Ki Dong Chan-

"In the end, you and I, we changed fate" -Ki Dong Chan-

Episode 6

"Dad Ki Dong Ho gave birth to me with his heart" -Young Gyu-

"Your mother was a really good person, she really loved you and she was really sorry toward you. She never forgot and she always missed you. Don't ever forget that" -Ki Dong Chan-

"It's time for you to get out from the past" -Hyun Woo Jin-

Episode 7

"I want to become a person like you, mom. A smart & courageous person. I'm happy that you are my mom." -Han Saet Byul-

"The thing I've done the best in this world is giving birth to Saet Byul. I can't imagine my world without her" -Kim Soo Hyun-

"Don't only believe in the things you see, the things you see are not all true" -Byung Tae-

"I'm only going to believe in the things I see, it's the truth" -Ki Dong Chan-

Episode 8

"You're tough, just like your mom" -Ki Dong Chan-

"As much as you think Saet Byul is precious, I also think my child is precious. As much as you want to protect her, I also want to protect my child." -Min Ah-

"Please save my Saet Byul, if I have my Saet Byul, I don't need anything else" -Kim Soo Hyun-

"Before I met you, the world I knew was full of hatred, betrayal and cruelty. It was depressing and hard. But when I first saw you, it gave me hope in the world. -Kim Soo Hyun-

"From now on, I will protect you. So please don't cry. I'm here for you, Mom" -Han Saet Byul-

"How can I believe her when I saw her for the first time? A witness needs to have a guarantee of being objective" -Choo Byung Woo-

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