Lee Sun Hee - Meet Him Among Them

Korea's national diva, Lee Sun Hee released her 15th album "Serendipity" on 25 March 2014, to commemorate her 30th debut anniversary. She debuted in 1984 through her debut song "To J", and has since released many hit songs & OSTs.

Although her newest song is not a drama OST, but I think it deserves a special post on this blog ^-^

I lost count how many times I've been repeating her new song, the title track from her newest album "Meet Him Among Them". This song has a very simple melody and Lee Sun Hee's deep powerful voice complements it very beautifully. Her raw emotion touches my soul, it calms me down when I listen to this song with my eyes closed.

The Music Video is really touching, sad, yet beautiful. It superbly captures the miracles of fate and unending love:

- a blind man got a surprise gift: a dog who becomes his loyal companion. They spent many years together, enjoying each other's company. But one day, he lost his best friend, he looked for him everywhere - screaming out his name, until fate reunited them together again

- unending love of an elderly couple. The wife nagged to her husband a lot. But now she's no longer by his side, he has to do everything alone. He's not ready to let her go... :(

- a couple broke up. The woman dedicated herself to her work, the man married another woman. They cross path again few months (or few years) later, the man is now a father. They're not meant to be together although it's clear the woman still loves him. He moved on, but she hasn't.

- a sacrificial love of a woman who takes care her boyfriend who's sick with cancer. When her boyfriend was upset, mad, disappointed; she stood by him. She kept coming back to see him, crying when she didn't see him on his bed - scared something bad happened to him. After she saw him getting really upset because he lost his hair due to his treatment, she boldly shaved her hair for the man she really loves. T_T

I love it that the MV beautifully shows different aspects of life: young couples, elderly couple, man & his dog. It captures the reality of life: we meet a very special person by fate, but one day, we'll have to say goodbye to this special person due to various circumstances (ie. break up, death, etc). Whether we're ready or not, we have to accept this reality :( We love them, and miraculously we receive their love in return. If we're destined to be together, then we will be together. But if not, then we have to bid our farewell and move on.

The last part of this MV is very special. It captures a strong bond between her and her fans for 30 long years. By fate, Lee Sun Hee met her fans, and her fans discovered this amazing legendary singer. She sings her heart out for her fans, and her fans love & support her. It seemed like they grew apart because she didn't release any album in 5 years (her 14th album was released in 2009), but for her fans, she's still there inside their hearts. Even if time passes, if their love was destiny, they will meet again. They meet again this year through her newest album. =)

Romanization lyric 

geureoke daedanhan unmyeongkkajin
baranjeok eopda saenggakhaenneunde
geudae hana tteonagan nae harun ije
unmyeongi anim chaeul su eobsso

byeolcheoreom su manheun saramdeul geu junge geudaereul manna
kkumeul kkudeut seorol arabogo
juneun geot maneuro beokchatdeon naega tto sarangeul batgo
geu modeungeon gijeogieosseumeul

geureoke eoreuni doeeotdago
jasinhan naega eojegateunde
geudaeraneun inyeoneul nochi motaneun
nae moseup, eorinaiga dwaessso

byeolcheoreom su manheun saramdeul geu junge geudaereul manna
kkumeul kkudeut seorol arabogo
juneun geot maneuro beokchatdeon naega tto sarangeul batgo
geu modeungeon gijeogieosseumeul

nareul kkoccheoreom bulleojudeon geudae ipsure pin nae ireum
ije sumanheun ireumdeul geu junge hanadoego
o~ geudaeui iyuyeotdeon naui modeun geotdo geujeo geureoke

byeolcheoreom su manheun saramdeul geu junge seororeul manna
saranghago dasi meoreojigo
eokgeobui sigani jinado eojjeomyeon ttodasi manna
uri sarang unmyeongieotdamyeon
naega neoui gijeogieotdamyeon

cr: Daum Music & popgasa