2012 Mnet 20's Choice Awards - Voting Results and My Rough Prediction

The voting was officially closed midnight last night. 20 days of voting period - more than 6.6million votes and controversies in between, so who came out victorious?

20's Drama Star (Male) - Kim Soo Hyun

All nominated actors are great actors in their own ways; so I'm happy with any of them winning award in this category.

20's Drama Star (Female) - YoonA

The voting in this category was also quite competitive. Both YoonA and Ha Ji Won were neck-and-neck; even though to be honest, I prefer Ha Ji Won to win in this category. YoonA's acting has improved tremendously in Love Rain (I watched this drama and I was pleasantly surprised) but she's still not up to par with the other nominated actresses). However, because online votes contributes 50% of the overall score, there's a big chance YoonA will take home the award tonight. Han Ji Min is also a well-deserved winner, she's fantastic in Padam-Padam and so cute in Rooftop Prince.

20's Movie Star (Male) - Lee Je Hoon

I'm not a movie-person, so can't really predict the winner. Read many rave reviews about Lee Je Hoon's solid acting in this movie. His acting in Fashion King (cough.. cough...) was brilliant too!

20's Movie Star (Female) - Suzy

Suzy won the Best Rookie Award (Movie) at Baeksang this year and has swept many newcomers award in drama and movie too. Got a feeling she may win tonight. I'm actually more excited to see her joint performance with Busker Busker! With First Love concept, it's going to be a very romantic performance. 

20's Trendy Music - TaeTiSeo

I'm not into k-pop so much, but I do enjoy all these 5 nominees' songs. So I'm happy with whoever comes up victorious tonight. My prediction? It's going to be TaeTiSeo's night. The girls have been preparing for TaeTiSeo's party for tonight's award ceremony and I really want to join their vibrant fun party!

20's Online Music - SE7EN

Not quite sure about this category, but I assume this is about the online download? Or digital sales? I followed the votes closely and IU has been leading but in the end, Se7en won the poll. Please forgive me, Se7en fans, because I don't really follow him I don't really know if he has a strong online digital sales. But as far as I know IU, T-ara, Leessang & Busker Busker do. Overall, I love all of them, so happy if any of them win the award tonight.

20's Performance - Shinhwa

Shinhwa has been confirmed to attend the ceremony, so I think they will take home the award. Happy for them because they're the perfect example that even though they may not be as young as the other nominees, but they can still compete with them and won the poll! =)

20's Band Music - Guckkasten

20's Sports Star - Son Yeon Jae

20's Variety Star - Garie

Out of these 5 nominees, to be honest, I only watch Garie's and Leeteuk's variety shows. So I'm happy if either of them win the award. They're both very natural and humble. Pleasantly surprised that Garie topped the poll though =)

 20's Gag Character - Raitto

20's Style - G-Dragon

I always love G-Dragon's style so happy that he won the poll. Hopefully he'll win tonight too.

20's Global Star - Super Junior

I didn't even think that Jang Geun Suk could be in the 2nd place because of massive votings done by both ELFs and SONES. But anything could happen when fans united together to vote for their artists. My prediction: SuJu will win tonight.

20's Booming Star - Lee Jong Suk

Upcoming 20's - Kang Seung Yoon

20's Social Artist - Choi Si Won

20's Click - Who's on First

The selection criteria to decide the winner for 2012 Mnet 20's Choice Awards:

Online Votes 50% + 20's Research Result 30% + Special Judge 20%

The voting results can NOT be used to predict the winners, because it only counts 50% of the overall score. Moreover, Mnet has a no show no award policy (even though they still gave awards to 2 artists who didn't attend last year).

So far, the following artists are confirmed to attend:
- Suzy
- Busker Busker
- Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk and Donghae
- Shinhwa
- TaeTiSeo

Special Stage:
- Suzy & Busker Busker Joint Performance
- 2PM Wooyoung's Debut Solo Performance
- TaeTiSeo Twinkling Party

Blue Carpet will be broadcast starting from 5PM KST and the ceremony will start at 7PM KST. Live streaming at http://youtube.com/mnet.

If you have twitter account, follow live tweet of 2012 Mnet 20's Choice awards global supporters in your own languages.

Hope everyone will enjoy the blue carpet and the party tonight! =)

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