Mnet 20's Choice Awards - Nominees, Info & Special Memories from last year's ceremony

The only annual Summer Award Ceremony, this year Mnet 20's Choice Awards will be held on June 28, 2012 and will be broadcast live on Mnet Youtube Channel,, etc. The main ceremony will start at 7PM KST and the Blue Carpet at 5PM KST. The theme is "Do [Don’ts] Super 20’s". And the dress code is: Pool Side Party Look + Neon Color Point. I hope the weather will be good because I really want to see the vibrant & colorful red carpet fashion! Last year it rained heavily so the red / blue carpet were a bit subdued.

The MCs are still unknown (which is a bit late, isn't it? As the ceremony will be held tomorrow afternoon). Last year's MCs were Miss A's Suzy and Song Joong Ki; they announced the MCs 3 weeks prior to the ceremony. I thought I  missed out on this year's MC announcement, but as far as I remember, I haven't read any news about it.

I still remember all the fiasco and complains from this particular award show last year; that people believe that it's rigged and Mnet gave the awards to artists who could attend the ceremony. Which was not 100% true, as both IU (Hot CF Star) & Son Yeon Jae (Hot Sport Star) didn't attend the ceremony but still won the awards.

But to be honest, I didn't truly enjoy the ceremony; it was probably because of the gloomy weather & the laughable award categories. The only things I enjoyed were the Top Gear guy who magically appeared behind some of the winners when they accepted the awards and Kim Hyung Joong's The King of Pirates wet sexy performance!

For this year, thankfully they have removed the ridiculous categories!

So here are the awards categories and the nominees for Mnet 20s Choice 2012 Awards:

20's Drama Star (Male)

- Kim SooHyun
- Song Joong Ki
- Um TaeWoong
- Lee SeungGi
- Joo Won

20's Drama Star (Female)

- Shin Se Kyung
- YoonA
- Jung RyeoWon
- Ha Ji Won
- Han Ji Min

20's Movie Star (Male)

- Ryu Seung Ryong
- Park Hae Il
- Yoo Ah In
- Lee Je Hoon
- Ha Jung Woo

20's Movie Star (Female)

- Gong Hyo Jin
- Kim Go Eun
- Kim Min Hee
- Suzy
- Lim Soo Jung

20's Trendy Music

- Bigbang
- TaeTiSeo
- miss A

20's Online Music

- Leessang
- Busker Busker
- IU
- T-ara

20's Performance

- SHINee
- Shinhwa
- Ulala Session
- HyunA&HyunSeung

20's Band Music

- Guckkasten
- Glen Check
- Daybreak
- Monni
- The Koxx

20's Sports Star

- Kang Jeong Ho
- Koo Ja Cheol
- Park Chan Ho
- Son Yeon Jae
- Jung Chan Sung

20's Variety Star

- Garie
- Kyu Hyun
- Kim Joon Ho
- Lee Teuk
- Han Hye Jin

 20's Gag Character

- Raitto
- Emergency Planning Committee
- Americano
- Gaeparta
- Brave Guys

20's Style

- Go Joon Hee
- Soo Young
- Yoo Ah In
- Jang Yoon Ju
- G-Dragon

20's Global Star

- Kim Hyun Joong
- Beast
- Girls` Generation
- Super Junior
- Jang Geun Suk

20's Booming Star

- Ailee
- Lee Sang Min
- Lee Jong Suk
- Im Si Wan
- Jo Jeong Seok

Upcoming 20's

- Kang Seung Yoon
- Kang Ji Young
- Kim You Jung
- Sul Li
- Yeo Jin Goo

20's Social Artist

- Kim Jang Hoon
- Park Jin Hee
- Lee Hyori
- Cha In Pyo
- Choi Si Won

20's Click

- You got a ugly girlfriend
- Sound of the heart
- Reverse! Weird Cooking
- Who's on first
- Fashion King

Voting will close at midnight tonight KST.

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