2012 Mnet 20's Choice Awards - Winners

20's Drama Star (Male) & Hottest Star - Kim Soo Hyun

20's Drama Star (Female) - Han Ji Min

20's Movie Star (Female) - Suzy

20's Movie Star (Male) - Lee Je Hoon

20's Trendy Music - TaeTiSeo

20's Online Music - Busker Busker

20's Performance - HyunA & HyunSeung

*they didn't attend the award ceremony

20's Band Music - The Koxx

20's Sports Star - Koo, JaCheol

20's Variety Star - Han Hye Jin

20's Gag Character - Raitto

20's Style - Jang Yoon Ju

20's Global Star - Super Junior

20's Booming Star - Jo Jung Suk

Upcoming 20's - Yeo Jin Goo

20's Click - Fashion King

20's Sexiest Performance - Sistar

20s Do Dont's - Park Jin Young

Pictures credit: 20schoice twitter & MNET

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