Jung Yoo Mi joins Kim Hyun Joong & Nam Goong Min in Conquer the City aka City Conquest [도시정벌]

Finally the heroine for the upcoming drama, City Conquest, is revealed. She's none other than Jung Yoo Mi! I loved her in Dong Yi, not so much in Thousands Day Promise & Rooftop Prince though. So I hope she'll be able to win me back in her portrayal as a pure & innocent jewelry designer in City Conquest.

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Can't wait to see her chemistry with Kim Hyun Joong & Nam Goong Min!

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Brief Synopsis

‘City Conquest’ is a drama that’s been adapted from the original comic by author Shin Hyung Bin. This new project brings together humanism and action, and it tells the story of main character Baek Mir who grew up resentful towards his father who left his mother and himself. He takes revenge against the evils of society which drove his family into destruction.

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City Conquest is an adaptation of gritty racy adult Manhwa Conquer the City. I never heard nor read the Manhwa so I'm interested to see how writer Hwang Joo Ha (Emperor of the Sea, Lie To Me) incorporates the Manhwa into the dramaland. Pretty sure the Manhwa is quite racy as everytime I searched about the Manhwa, I got the 19+ warning restriction!

Brief info about City Conquest

- Kim Hyung Joong will be playing as Baek Mir who has a rough childhood without his parents and grows up to be wild, but he’s weak when it comes to love (cr: dramabeans)

- Nam Goong Min will be playing as Baek Mir's rival in love

- PD is Yang Yoon Ho who directed blockbuster & one of my favorite action-drama IRIS 

- Kim Seung Woo will be playing as Baek Mir's father Baek Seung Hyun. He will cameo for 5 episodes. I got a feeling he's one of the most important character in this drama as it's reported that he has close relationship with the President and has indescribable influence & powerful charisma. Intrigued to see the main reason why he left his family and why Baek Mir hate him so much.

- Filming will start next month in Japan once the casting is complete and it's reported they will shoot in Japan, Myanmar, Singapore, France.

- Still no news about the broadcasting station who will pick up this drama, however, this drama has already been pre-sold to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for a total of 10 million US dollars (src: soompi)!

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