Arang and the Magistrates - BTS Pictures & Stills of Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah

Is it July 25 yet? =)

I'm over the moon looking at the BTS Pictures and Character Stills of handsome Lee Jun Ki who will be playing as a magistrate and Shin Min Ah who is so gorgeous as a Ghost named Arang.

Lee Jun Ki has uploaded few character stills on his official twitter account and I believe he will have a spectacular on-screen chemistry with Shin Min Ah. Not going to predict the ending of this fantasy melo drama, because I'm scared to even think about it. A love story between a magistrate and a ghost? Only a miracle can turn the ending into a happy ending. 

In the meantime, enjoy all these gorgeous character stills: 

BTS Pictures filmed yesterday on the set of Arang and the Magistrates in Namyang-ju: 

Image Credit: Lee Jun Ki twitter and Nate

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