Pictures from "I Hear Your Voice" Press Conference

Lee Bo Young, Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Da Hee and Kim Ga Eun attended I Hear Your Voice's press conference this afternoon and there were lots of laughter all around. Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Jong Suk looked really comfortable (ha :D) with each other and incredibly close, this is their reunion drama after they met in Secret Garden almost 2.5 years ago. Oska & Tae Sun were so funny together in SeGa :D  It's heartwarming to see their bromance. 

It looks like Lee Jong Suk's noona crush to Lee Bo Young has already began. They're so cute & playful together. 

Our main OTP, Lee Bo Young & Yoon Sang Hyun dressed in white and they're too sweet for words. 

 Bromance Overload, Yoon Sang Hyun & Lee Jong Suk

Cute Couple, Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young

Goddess in White, Lee Bo Young

Lee Da Hee

Kim Ga Eun

Three Gorgeous Ladies

Lee Jong Suk in the middle of 2 beautiful ladies =) 

Romance Fantasy drama I Hear Your Voice premieres next Wednesday, 5 June 2013 on SBS. Hwaiting!