Pictures from Kang Chi, the Beginning (Gu Family Book) Media Press Conference Interview

Gu Family Book is going really strong leading Monday-Tuesday timeslot. As the plot thickens, the romance blossoms and Kang Chi will finally meet face-to-face with his thousand years old father; viewers are on the edge of the seats eagerly waiting to see what's going to happen next in Kang Chi's life.

The casts and crew are doing their absolute best in this drama, they're already in live-shooting mode; filming all day & night long. But thankfully the quality of the drama is still pretty good; the acting is still solid & gripping and the chemistry is getting better.

Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy and Yoo Dong Geun took time from their busy filming schedule to attend Gu Family Book's Media Press Conference Interview which was held this afternoon at MBC′s Dream Center. The trio answered questions from the media ranging from GFB's related questions (such as what'll happen on Episode 13 & 14 to be aired this week, KangDam couple will have many scenes together on this week's episode, Yeo Wool's reaction towards Kang Chi, Lee Seung Gi aka Kang Chi's bad hands which made Suzy's uncle fans upset (j/k :D)), career-related questions such as Lee Seung Gi's personal opinion whether he's going to return to the variety world, Suzy's 10billion won girl (she's reportedly earned 10billion won from her CFs) to personal questions.

Lee Seung Gi (Choi Kang Chi)

Suzy (Dam Yeo Wool)

Yoo Dong Geun (Lee Soon Shin)

Kang-Dam Couple

Image Credit: MBC