49th Baeksang Awards' Winners (TV Category Only)

Daesang: Yoo Jae Suk

Best Picture (Drama): The Chaser (추적자) [SBS]

My Husband's Got a Family / You who rolled in unexpectedly (넝쿨째 굴러온 당신) [KBS]
Lights & Shadows (빛과 그림자) [MBC]
A Wife Credentials (아내의 자격) [JTBC]
School 2013 (학교 2013) [KBS]

Best Director: Kim Kyu Tae from That Winter the Wind Blows [SBS]

Kwon Suk Jang, Lee Yoon Jung from Golden Time [MBC]
Kim Hyung Suk from You who rolled in unexpectedly [KBS]
Lee Joo Hwan, Lee Sang Yeob from Lights & Shadow [MBC]
Jo Nam Kook from The Chaser [SBS]

Best Leading Actor: Son Hyun Joo from The Chaser [SBS]

Uhm Tae Woong from The Equator Man [KBS]
Yoo Joon Sang from You who rolled in unexpectedly [KBS]
Lee Sang Yoon from My Daughter, Seo Young [KBS]
Lee Sung Min from Golden Time [MBC]

Best Leading Actress: Kim Hee Ae from A Wife's Credentials [JTBC]

Kim Nam Joo from You who rolled in unexpectedly [KBS]
Kim Sung Ryung from Yawang / Queen of Ambition [SBS]
Song Hye Kyo from That Winter the Wind Blows [SBS]
Lee Bo Young from My Daughter, Seo Young [KBS]

Best New Actor: Lee Hee Joon from You who rolled in unexpectedly [KBS]

Kim Woo Bin from School 2013 [KBS]
Seo In Guk from Reply 1997 [tvN]
Lee Jung Shin from My Daughter, Seo Young [KBS]
Jo Jung Suk from The King 2Hearts [MBC]

Best New Actress: Jung Eun Ji from Reply 1997 [tvN]

Park Se Young from Faith [SBS]
Yoon Jin Yi from A Gentleman's Dignity [SBS]
Lee Yoo Bi from Nice Guy [KBS]
Choi Yoon Young from My Daughter, Seo Young [KBS]

Best Writer: Park Kyung Soo from The Chaser [SBS]

Park Ji Eun from You who rolled in unexpectedly [KBS]
Lee Woo Jung  from Reply 1997 [tvN]
Choi Hee Ra from Golden Time [MBC]
Ha Myung Hee from Can We Get Married? [JTBC]

Most Popular Actor: Park Yoo Chun (Triple Crown) from Rooftop Prince [SBS] & I Miss You [MBC]
Most Popular Actress: Kwon Yuri from Fashion King [SBS]

Best Variety Program: Dad, Where are We Going [MBC]

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